Meet the Balance App

Master your money with one easy app

Meet the Balance App

Balance is a fintech application that tracks all your expenses and creates budgets, all in one place, without jeopardizing your security. Security is provided by the data API. This implementation means your personal and financial information is protected with the highest level of security. The API uses a three-point security system alongside industry-grade encryption to ensure customer data is safe.

Balance is highly customizable, it gives users more control over how their capital is classified.Default categories can be renamed, added, or deleted, meaning users have a more personalized way of tracking their money.  Additionally, a Cash Wallet function allows users to enter cash entries into the app manually. This flexibility ensures the budget is up-to-date, accurate, and best reflects the user’s habits.


Track Daily Expenses
Budget Management
Data security
Account Management

The mission of the Balance app is to ease users’ management of personal finance. By using the Balance app, users can link all of their accounts — including international accounts — in one place. By allowing greater customization of different income and expenditure categories, users can have more control over their budgets, goals, and savings. Our detailed reports can help users make sense of their finances with elegant visual graphs.

Balance aspires to be the FinTech app of choice for a connected global world. By offering support in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish, we can already reach a vast international audience.

By appealing to such an audience, we want to make keeping control of finances a reality for anybody.