About Us

Balance is a FinTech app that helps users track and manage their expenses in one place. By combining all their accounts, the tracking of total expenses and budgeting becomes manageable and more accurate. Unlike other budgeting apps, Balance allows users to sync international bank accounts.

What is Balance, and how does it work?

Balance is a FinTech application that tracks all your expenses and creates budgets, all in one place, without jeopardizing your security. The more accounts you link, the more we can do for you.

Making life easy

For customers with multiple international accounts, there aren't any good budgeting apps available. As a result, many users lack a good idea of their personal finances across the different accounts. By syncing each account, customers can track them in one place. This connectivity allows for more accurate budgets. Additionally, Balance is highly customizable and flexible, so users can dictate which expenses belong in each category. This adaptability enables users to create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly budgets, depending on their circumstances.

Your financial life in one place that's easy to understand

Personal finances can be complicated and challenging to track accurately. Multiple different accounts with different balances and obligations can leave users without a complete picture of their expenses. By connecting their accounts to Balance, users have a better idea of their finances. It gives users more control over their budgets, financial planning, and saving by employing detailed visualizations and graphs. By linking their cash, checking, and credit accounts to Balance, users can manage their money in one easy-to-understand place. From here, they can make better financial decisions.


By helping users keep an eye on their finances in real-time, Balance promotes saving and disciplined money management. Users can easily see what they are earning and where they are spending money. In addition, by categorizing expenses dynamically and accurately, users can understand which aspects of their budget need to be cut back or changed. Balance can send warning notifications whenever the user has exceeded their specified budget. This helps users pull back and slow down to save more money.