Features & Description

Balance is packed with features that allow users to take control of their finances.

By synchronizing all their accounts — including international accounts — Balance users have better oversight of their money. From here, the highly customizable budgeting categories and reports can help users manage their finances effectively.

All of Your Financials in One Place

Balance tracks the expenses of international accounts and budgets all on the same app.

User Flexibility Like No Other Application

Balance gives users more control over how their capital is classified. Default categories can be renamed, added, or deleted, meaning users have a more personalized way of tracking their money. This flexibility also enables users to quickly move transactions to different categories of their liking, apply them to the same future charges and provides budgets that better show the user's circumstances. 

Staying up to Date

Balance has a learning feature. Over time, Balance becomes customized to your needs and wants and automatically updates and categorizes your information.

Cash Wallet

The Cash Wallet function allows users to enter cash entries into the categories of their choice manually. This ensures the budget is up-to-date, accurate, and best reflects the user's habits.



Balance provides users with detailed financial reports in time intervals of their choice. The reports comprise a review of the user's expenditure in each category and a review of the budget compared to the visually appealing format.


Balance is a budgeting and money management application made for everyone. Along with its flexibility and ease of use, it's also accessible in several languages. English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish are just some of the languages supported by the application.