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Balance understands that the best way to help users control their finances is by empowering them. This means providing all the information that is required to budget soundly, save, and understand finances. A big part of our company ethos is listening to our customers' needs and wants. We want to understand precisely what our users need to reach their financial goals. At Balance, we believe we can achieve this through communication and feedback.

The best way to save money is by understanding your income and expenditures. Balance helps users have a clear picture of how much money they have to spend each month. By categorizing their outgoings, users can realize where they are going wrong. From here, they can make the changes required to reach their financial goals.

Of course, Balance can only provide you with the information you need to set a responsible budget. The application does provide warnings for when you go over budget in specific categories. But, ultimately, it can't stop you from spending money.


Keeping control of finances can be difficult. Budgets that are written down or held on an Excel spreadsheet are too cumbersome and lack dynamism. By having a real-time app that keeps all finances in one place, users have a convenient way to understand their money.

By syncing financial information into an always up-to-date dashboard, users have better oversight of their finances. In addition, sophisticated reporting and categorization of expenses mean that users can make better monetary decisions.

No. Connecting a banking application to a regulated fintech app doesn't break any terms and conditions.

Yes. Balance uses industry-standard safety protocols to share information between the app and other financial applications. This includes using an API as the bridge between a user's bank account and the Balance app. In addition, these communications are secured by a three-point encryption system.

Additionally, the Balance app itself is monitored and scanned regularly. This process helps to highlight any potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities. From the user’s end, multi-factor verification is used to provide a secure login. Users can choose between several options, including facial recognition or touch ID.

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Balance strives to meet our customer’s needs and wants

First-class security and help managing finances is just the start; Balance will also provide responsive, empathetic, and friendly customer service. Our knowledgeable and professional staff are ready to assist our users. No problem is too big or too small.

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